Friday, October 31, 2008

Burger King!

We went to Burger King for lunch on Saturday while we were in Monterrey. They had a crown at the table that I played with while we were waiting for our food. Daddy also let me drink his Dr. Pepper while we were waiting... Mama thought it was too much sugar and caffeine, but I said please and Daddy let me anyway!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


While we were eating lunch at the hotel in Monterrey I started talking a lot. Mama wanted to get it on camera so she could ya'll could hear all my new words! But I was finished talking by the time she brought the camera out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


New pictures! Uncle Naynay brought his laptop to church tonight and he was able to put Mama's SD card into it and upload the pictures!

These are some pictures from Emily's birthday party this past weekend. She had her party at a ranch! We got to ride horses, pet goats and cows and rabbits and we even got to go fishing! Mama doesn't like to fish very much, but she caught the first fish!

I wasn't sure about the horses at first... they were pretty big! But Mama knew that I would love them so she told Daddy to just hold me on the horse until I got used to it! Then I didn't want to get off the horse! I've even been making Daddy play horsey with me at the house!

Here's one of the goats. They came running like puppy dogs when Mr. Daniel called them over! This big goat liked sticking his nose up in our faces! He even tried to eat Mama's sleeve. She pulled away just in time, though!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Still Can't Upload

Mama and Daddy bought a card reader, but they bought the wrong kind and the store wont take it back. So we still can't get the new pictures from our camera! We have some really good ones that Mama took on Sunday, but we just can't get to them right now! Mama is looking for the battery for the camcorder-- if she can find that then she can put the card in it and upload pictures that way. Hopefully we can get to them soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Amazing Collin!

Collin is doing pretty well with holding his head up now. He was laying on Mama in this picture and was talking to Daddy.

Mama's Office

Hurricane Ike brought in quite a bit of water to the campus that Mama works at. Her building, in particular, got about 2 feet of water in it. Since she works on the first floor, her office was flooded. They started tearing out walls and flooring before they started back at work. Just in case anyone was wondering, here are some pictures:
This is the breakroom. I used to play peek a boo with Ms. Maria under the table. You can't see the table now, though. They've stacked everything on top of it and coverd it in plastic so it doesn't get dusty when they start cutting the sheet rock out. You can see that it got quite moldy.

This is Ms. Melissa and her office. She and Mama posed in their office so that they could remember what it looked like after the hurricane.
Here's Mama's office. The stuff that is on top of her desk was in a box underneath her desk before the storm. But the box got knocked over by the storm waters and it was scattered all over the place.All of the doors were opened and coverd in plastic. A lot of people were in and out of the building so anyone could go into their offices. Luckily none of their personal things got stolen.These air ducts are running all over the building. You can see this one in the stairwell... hopefully their isn't a fire! Mama has to duck pretty low to get underneath it!

One morning last week security was not at the door to let people in (security sits at the door now that we are under emergency staus), so everyone had to sit outside and wait. Mama and Ms. Melissa didn't mind too much, though. They got to chat for a few minutes before they started working.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finally! New Pictures!

Mommy's camera takes pictures but they wont upload to the computer! So she had to take her SD card out of her camera and put it in a friend's camera to get all of our pictures! She's going to go buy an SD card reader this week so that she can upload the pictures regularly again.

We went to Isabelle's birthday party this weekend! She turned 3 and had a Dora party! We got to swing and slide and play on a jump around! There was also a pinata, but I didn't understand why I was supposed to hit Dora with a stick, so I let the other kids do that and I just gathered up a bag full of candy when they were done!

Buddy didn't get to swing or slide or jump... or eat candy! But he did get lotsa love while we were at the party!

He even took a short nap while I played!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Look At Mommy!

This is the face that I make when Mommy tells me to look at her:

She usually tells me to look at her when I'm being naughty and she's wants to explain to me why I have to stop being naughty, but this time she just wanted me to look at the camera! I knew I wasn't being naughty, but I figured that I'd give her the "look at mommy" face anyway! Now you know why Mommy starts laughing when she's trying to be serious and get on to me!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Taking a Walk

We took a walk last week in Ms. Vicki and Mike's neighbourhood. As you can see from this top picture, I have a hard time keeping my hands off the wheels. I also like to put my feet on the wheels. I'm not supposed to, but it's just so much fun! Buddy seemed to be having fun, too. I like being able to stand up and play with him while we're walking.
I also like helping Mama and Daddy push the stroller.
But then we passed an empty field and I had to run out in it and play! Daddy chased after me and brought me back over to the side walk. He said there were too many mosquitos out there.
Then Daddy gave me a ride for a while.


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